Penang Jazz Festival
It has been two years since we lost Steve. In honor of his memory we are including a rare performance in Penang, Malaysia. Steve felt like he had come full circle playing this concert as this was the last place his family visited before moving back to the States. This song, ” by Leonard Cohen is one of Alda’s favorites. We are not sure the year Steve was there but if you saw Steve in Penang, please let us know. It will be greatly appreciated. In addition, for a world premiere, the first series of Steve’s instrumentals recorded after he could no longer play harmonica or sing, are now available when you log on to It’s an hour and twenty minutes of nonstop recordings (one-take, no over-dubs) from his home studio. He plays different guitars from the Martin, the Streibel and the National – to the incredible whiteboard that he used as his percussion session.
Also, it has been 4 months since our last blog. A new year arrived and we haven’t stopped work on Steve’s documentary… I know… I know it isn’t finished yet but we are getting closer. We hope to make this blog more active in the future as well to keep you all informed and involved.

Last week we received concert footage from the Penang Jazz Festival in Malaysia with new songs we didn’t have on video, photographs from Steve’s childhood with his family in US and South East Asia, new instrumentals that Steve recorded at home, some more interviews reflecting on Steve’s life, footage from live concerts at the Del Mar Fair/ Miracles Cafe/ Belly Up and also some more paintings – Thank you so much for your contributions. They are making this documentary much richer and fuller. It’s not easy telling Steve’s life story and weaving it into a compelling work. There are so many details and facets to the man and his journey.

We have been busy with some other projects, (still need to pay the bills), working hard and looking forward to some promotional travel when the project is finished. We are planning a San Diego area premiere and also one in Steve’s home town of Encinitas.

There are some legal issues regarding the rights to cover songs but Steve wrote so many originals that we are circumventing this due to the costs involved.
We had a few out of town visitors take a look at our work in progress on the new documentary and received very beneficial feedback.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy this performance. Your feedback is always welcome.