Tick tock,The clock ticks ever faster towards March 16th and our 1st Steve White Music & Art Festival. And its shaping up nicely.
Fellow producer Tom Zizzi and I have been working on our sound mix of the documentary. Alec Moore is our sound mixer at Studio West and is doing an incredible job working his Pro-Tools magic on the film. We had a visitor pop in and it was none other than Gregory Page, just back from touring Europe and Australia. It was great to see him and to his delight we showed him a few minutes of the film.
Studio West has been so great and supportive of the film. And it really means a lot..
The sound mix in a film is so important and even more so in a film driven by Steve’s multitude of songs and sounds.


Alec on the board!

Sound in progress!

Alec & Tom outside Studio West

Surprise visit by Gregory Page

Thanks to the San Diego Troubadour an old friend of Steve’s, Paul Hormick, wrote a nice article about our festival in their new March issue. Pick one up at music stores around the area. "The San Diego Troubadour, first published in September of 2001, was established to promote, encourage and provide an alternative voice for the wealth of local music that is generally overlooked by the mass media."
We appreciate all their support and congratulate them for their 13 years and counting of fine music journalism.

Tomorrow, March 2nd. look for Logan Jenkins “Roses & Onions” column in the Union Tribune. He will be featuring news about our festival.
Next week the promo train continues as we are being interviewed by Coast News and for another article in the Union Tribune.
We are slated for a TV interview and waiting for other channels response. The Steve White Music & Art Festival and the documentary film is all about music & the arts. We hope to get airplay on the radio too.
We’re still waiting for response from Jazz88 and KPRI. If you have any connections with them please let us know.