Our Festival is approaching. If you haven’t signed up for your tickets at Steve White Painting the World with Music please do so ASAP. The La Paloma Theater is filling fast!

Now that we have grabbed the attention of the media, we wish to thank Paul Hormick and Liz Abbott of The San Diego Troubadour for their article.
We also want to thank Logan Jenkins of the Union Tribune for writing about us in his Roses & Onions column on Sunday. 

KFMB will be at the screening and plans to do a television piece. KUSI-TV is airing a Dave Scott, "Worlds of Wonder" package that will run during the 10 o' clock news on Saturday March 15th and plans to be at the festival as well. And we are scheduled to go on FM94.9 Tim Pyles radio show on Sunday at 9:30 PM
It would be great if we could also go on KPRI, Jazz88 and KPBS. If you have any connections please let us know.

We should be finished with the audio mix at Studio West on Friday. Tom Zizzi and I have been working with Alec Moore who is doing our sound mixing and really doing a wonderful job of weaving our intricate soundtrack. Everyone who sees the film is in for a treat.

We wish to thank everyone who is participating on the 1st Steve White Music & Art Festival.
We have our music lineup in the works. There will be 18 songs of Steve's that will be covered at this time.
These are the musicians scheduled for now:
The Nophones
Steve Piccus
Rick Kaestner
Sam Khoury
Marie Haddad
Jeffrey Joe Morin
Rachelle Danto
Steve Rule
Dan Menendez
Barry & Matthew Hill
Dave Windham
Ben Powell
Bobby Ryan
Kent Brisby
Bass Clef Exhibition
Gregory Page
Candye Kane
The Sinclairs
Vlad & Yael
Luisa & Ignacio

Poets reading Steve's lyrics:
Kevin West - "Farmer in the Field of Love", "Outlaw Town"
Jim Babwe - "Nothing"
and more to come.
The following people have reserved booths:
Diana Carey, Jean Krumbine & Victoria Bearden, Donn Angel Perez, Karen Grow & Christina Zeller, Stan Gafner, May Hoegen, 101 Artists Colony Arts and Steve White Foundation.
On our booth we will have cds, t-shirts, hats, and prints for sale.
This is a free event but donations are accepted! At the screening donation buckets will be passed around.
Thank you for supporting us.
Speaking of support, we want to thank our supporters for now:
Ron Fields
Stacie Revelle
101 Artists Colony
Once Upon A Frame
Fish Market (Del Mar)
Studio West

The Team
Alda Leal
Clint Burkett
Jim Babwe
Danny Salzhandler

Steve Mendoza