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There is a video & audio
treat in this update. In the meantime please enjoy our words.

We are now in picture lock. The documentary’s audio is being mastered at Studio West and they are doing a really great job. I can’t say enough nice things about not only the support they have given the film but the expertise in Mark Kirchner, Colin Tedeschi and now Alec Moore, who is doing the mastering. Alec played me ten minutes of the mix and it gave me
They not only do fine audio work but they are also a school and teach audio engineering and video editing.
This is a major milestone for the film and we are going to have our final mix sessions next week.  The challenges never stop. I spent the day trying to finish the credits
but Photoshop CC keeps crashing.

Holy cow. Alda brought over a whole suitcase full of dvd’s cd’s and photos of Steve playing all around the world.  She found the “Mother Lode”. And it was right under her nose. The fun never stops but we are in picture lock so cannot include newfootage audio.


Festival Update
We have nine booths already booked. The line-up for the music acts is looking good. We are very excited to hear that many of the musicians are excited to play their version of Steve’s songs. We have 18 songs already chosen by them to perform. There are still many slots available. If you want to have fun, play your own material or Steve’s then contact Steve Mendoza.

For booths contact:  Danny Salzhandler 760.845.8456.


We are proud to announce the first Steve White Music & Art Festival. It has been a short journey on a long road and now its time to celebrate Steve's life through art and music.
Everybody is welcome.

I have been thinking since Steve passed about doing this festival in Encinitas, the town that he loved.
I didn't have the strength and heart at the time to make it happen. I took a vacation to Faial in the Azores in September of 2013.
While there I realized that 2014 would be the right time to start this festival. On my return I contacted
some friends for some feedback and the question was where to hold it. Encinitas has the highest percentage of artists per capita in San Diego County yet still lacks an art center.  What a tragedy. But that doesn't hold us back.

In a phone conversation with Steve Mendoza he said " why not hold it at the Seaside Bazaar, Steve's favorite place to play when he was home? I thought it was brilliant. Then I started to put a team together.
Jim Babwe, who has worked with Steve and I for many years, Danny Salzhandler from 101 Artists
Colony who  not only has been a beacon in supporting all the local artists but also our sponsor of
this festival, Clint Burkett, a documentary filmmaker who created a new documentary on Steve White
and last but not least our dear friend Steve Mendoza the music man behind the scenes.

From 9am to 5 pm at the Seaside Bazaar, there will be an OPEN MIC Stage. To all the musicians,
we open the doors so you can sign up to play. But you need to send an email to with your name and what time you would like to perform to keep this organized and to accommodate everyone.

From 3:30pm to 5pm the stage will be open to anyone that wants to do a Steve White song. If you would like sheet music or lyrics please email me at  We prefer not to have repeats of the songs if possible.
  know what songs you want to cover.

To all the other artists, booths are available. They are 10x10 for $55 if you want to present your artwork. Please contact Danny Salzhandler 760.845.8456.

Hope to see you all there. Like Steve used to say, see ya...Alda

At 7pm my latest documentary Steve White Painting the World with Music will screen next door at the La Paloma Theatre. Admission is free but we do have an online (you must register)  eventwax ticket  that should be printed out so that we know how many to expect.
The theater holds 400 and if we pack the first show there will be another show shortly after 9pm. But you need to go to and sign up asap so we can make that determination. The documentary is an e-ticket ride through the life of a modern day musician and the soundtrack is pure Steve White.

Cheers, Clint