photo by Bob Gardner
"Steve White Painting the World with Music" won Best Feature Documentary Film on Sunday, April 3rd at the San Diego Film Awards show at the Music Box in San Diego. It was a full house and was a classy affair thanks to Jodi Cilley of the San Diego Film Consortium who made it all come together.

Thanks to all

Tom Zizzi my co-producer and friend. We wrote and shot and edited this documentary together and for that I'm grateful.

Alda Leal who kept saying goodbye to Steve while I was keeping him more alive as she gave me access to his journals, music and artwork.

Erik Swanson my friend who was there from the first time we shot Steve White at Adams Avenue.

Rachelle Danto who is a special friend to Steve and to me.

Bill Slamon my friend you were always there during this emotional journey from the start of it.

Kickstarter supporters- Couldn't have done it without your contributions.

Alan Sanderson's support

Studio West who mixed our audio and supported us thanks Mark Kirchner, Peter Dyson, Alec Moore and Colin Tedeschi

Joe Rathburn a dear friend of Steve and hosted a screening at his Folkey Monkey theatre venue.

Cast of:

Jack Tempchin

Tommy Emmanuel

John Sebastian

Candye Kane

Gregory Page

Robin Henkel

Paul Henry

Steve Rule

Steve Tomaino

Udo Rossner
and many more...

IN MEMORY: Two gifted talents who inspired me besides Steve White to do this documentary and to get it out to the world. Dear departed Ron Espinosa who wrote "You have told the life story of a great musician and artist...It took one to tell it.. Steve's story will sing on and on thanks to you, and the music you made with your visual creation....keep on keepin on...Ron Espinoza

and my dear friend Joy Doherty, my yoga spirit and friend and urged me to the finish line. Both gone way too soon.


Danny Salzhandler raw interview about Steve's paintings
Clint Burkett
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